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Symbols Manager

Symbols Manager

The grid manager symbols or manager is to manage a set of orders as a single transaction. Useful setochnikam and multicurrency, who may have a lot of orders for several instruments. You can close / turn / modify orders all at once for each character and direction. Install hidden stop loss and take profit.

Advisor can be run on any schedule and timeframe. Monitors the opening / closing of new orders, and adds them to the portfolio to which they belong. He believes margins and profits.

As the adviser works on a timer (times per second), it can be run and the banned trade will work as an indicator. Properly takes into account the four- and five-digit account, the minimum and maximum lots, different deposit currency. The comment line, and output the calculated takeprofit stop loss, depending on the amounts stated (in the input fields).

The graph shows the name of the instrument, the direction (buy / villages), the amount of lots, the amount of collateral, operating income (in the deposit means), the current TP (to deposit funds), the current SL (to deposit funds).

  • in the green input field is established the amount of profit, above which the portfolio will be closed (can not be less than the current profit, if you put a zero - the closure will not);

  • in a red box - the amount of loss, when the portfolio which will be closed (can not be more than the current profit, zero - the closure will not);

  • Clicking on a line with a profit cause the closure of the portfolio;

  • click on the description line (margin) will cause the issue of a coup portfolio, with a predetermined coefficient (if the coefficient = 0 is the closure).


In the input box (except for the amounts of profit / loss) is possible to enter an adviser team, at the moment there are three: closeall, close and set.

  • if you enter the command closeall or close all or all close or close___all will close all orders for all symbols (including deferred), but excluding orders with magico (if user specified with_magic_orders = no), Closure occurs starting from the first position;

  • with the command close or _close_ or rvfdclose or closeal It happens the closure only of the portfolio, in whose field type the command, closing is sorted according to the settings;

  • team set must be administered with the price Take Profit or Stop Loss (depending on the input field), or Stop Loss takeprofit be installed on all orders portfolio, for example: set1.25 or set 1,25 or 1,25set. If you need to remove the take profit or stop loss, enter the command set0.

The commands are executed immediately, without any warning. If you execute the command is not possible, an error message appears.


  • Stopping time From ... To - the length of time that the adviser stops any action other than checking is not performed (time is local).

  • Multiplier for the coup - the coefficient to be multiplied by volume of the invert portfolio.

  • Sound - beep when closing or overturning portfolio.

  • With magic orders = no - indicates an adviser to ignore the order with magic numbers.

  • Position on chart - sets the display position on the chart advisor - top or bottom.

  • Sort orders = descend - in the preparation of the order portfolio is sorted by the last open to the first, that is, when you close the portfolio they will also be closed (from last to first).

  • Sort symbol = ascend - Display of portfolios (characters) on the chart in alphabetical order.

Symbols Manager



This indicator looks for and displays the flat regions, that is, when the price was a long period of time within the same price range.


  • History - history for calculating / O bars

  • FlatBars - the width of the flat region in bars

  • FlatRange - the height of flat-field in pips

  • IncludeSmallBar - used in the calculation of internal bars in flat

  • CalcFlatType - calculate the flat zone of (HIGH_LOW / OPEN_CLOSE)

  • DistanceForCheck - pip distance from the flat layer, in which the checking is activated

  • CountSignals - the number of signals to the level

  • AutoCalcRange - avtoraschet height (automatic calculation of the height of the flat-field)

  • AutoCalcPeriod - period for avtorascheta height of the bars

  • ShowFillBars - paint the bars: (On / Off)

Notification settings

  • ShowSignalLevel - display levels at which the signal appeared

  • UseAlert - use audio signal (On / Off)

  • SoundFileName - sound file (* .wav): (name of the file in the folder of the terminal \ Sounds \)

levels Display Options

  • ShowLevels - display the current flat-levels: (On / Off)

  • HowManyLevels - the number of the last zones for some flat-zones to build levels

  • FillLevel - paint level (On / Off)

  • ColorBuyLevel - the color level for the purchase

  • ColorSellLevel - color level for sale





The indicator compares power of buyers and sellers in the market. The relative strength of buyers provided blue histogram, and sellers - pink. So you see, which side is currently dominating the market.

The indicator works on gold level (0.618, 1.618, 2.618 ...).

Balance (equilibrium) between two opposing forces occurs when the indicator is very close to the value of 1.0. This means that the market is in flat.

When the imbalance force their values ​​move away from 1 in both directions.

Overbought and oversold levels:

  • If the blue histogram falls below 0,618 (0.382 and even more), the price - oversold.

  • If pink histogram falls below 0,618 (0.382 and even more), the price - overbought.

Note: Changes in the balance of forces is a key element of the system. In this regard, of particular importance it is the second indicator designed specifically for tracking them. I called him FORCES-VARIATION. The indicator has the form of a red line and green histograms (see. Video).

you can learn more about the system (in English) here:



The outlook on CAD, NOK and oil from the CREDIT AGRICOLE

The outlook on CAD, NOK and oil from the CREDIT AGRICOLE

The recent rebound in oil prices helped the CAD and NOK recover some positions.

... .Our econometric analysis suggests that the historically low oil prices should weaken the positive correlation between oil and the CAD and NOK.

Thus, CAD and NOK have less benefit from any recovery in oil prices ...

Further forecasts of CREDIT AGRICOLE:

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

The illusion of simplicity selection

The illusion of simplicity selection

IF YOU ARE would have met a pregnant woman who has 8 children, three of whom were deaf, two blind, one mentally retarded, and the woman had syphilis - would you advise her to have an abortion?

Before answering this question, read another one: We must elect a new world leader, and your vote - a decisive. Here is information about 3 candidates:

Candidate 1: deals with rogue politicians and consults with astrologers, he has two wives, chain smokes and drinks 8-10 martinis glasses a day.

Candidate 2: twice expelled from office, sleeps until noon, he indulged in opium in college, drink about a liter of whiskey every evening.

Candidate 3: a military award, a vegetarian, does not smoke, drinks occasionally beer and never cheated on his wife.

Which of the three would you choose?

The first candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The second candidate Winston Churchill.
The third candidate: Adolf Hitler.

And by the way, what about abortion: if your answer is "yes", then you just killed Beethoven.

The dollar rebounded from a 5-month low, the markets assess the Fed's decision

The dollar rebounded from a 5-month low, the markets assess the Fed's decision

On Friday, the dollar moved away from a five-month low against major currencies, while markets are still evaluating the Fed's decision to cut the number of rate increases this year.

The EUR / USD fell by 0.43% to 1.1266.

The US dollar has won back losses, following the decision of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday left its monetary policy unchanged and stating that the bank plans to raise interest rates twice this year, instead of four as previously thought.

Responsible for the Fed policy officials said that the US economy faces risks associated with the uncertainty in the global economy, although a moderate recovery and a "strong employment growth" allow the US central bank will continue to tighten policy this year.

The dollar was supported after on Thursday the US Department of Labor said the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits rose last week, less than expected.

In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reported that manufacturing activity index rose to 12.4 this month from February's -2.8.

USD / JPY is stable at the level of 111.41.

Earlier Friday, the January meeting of the Bank of Japan report showed that management has made two proposals - one to expand the asset purchase program by the bank, and the other - on the introduction of negative interest rates in addition to the purchase of assets.

According to the protocol, after a meeting of the Bank of Japan finally decided to introduce a policy of negative interest rates after several members of the committee said that this step will help to prevent the influence of external factors slowing the eradication of "deflationary mindset" in Japan.

The dollar rose against the pound and the Swiss franc, with GBP / USDsnizilas 0.26% to 1.4442, the pair USD / CHF has risen by 0.25% to 0.9701.

Pound remains near month high against the dollar after the Bank of England on Thursday said that to keep interest rates at 0.50%, which was expected decision. Rate remains at this level since March 2009.

The central bank also kept the bond purchase program in the amount of 375 billion pounds.

Meanwhile, Australian and New Zealand dollars fall, AUD / USD pair decreased by 0.29% to 0.7625 and a pair NZD / USD dropped 0.73% to 0.6798.

USD / CAD pair rose by 0.15% to 1.2997, rebounding from Thursday's five-month low 1.2941.

Commodity Canadian dollar was supported as oil prices returned to $ 40 a barrel on renewed hopes for a reduction in the production of the world's major oil producer.

USD index, which tracks the US currency against a basket of major currencies, rose 0.34% to 95.10, rebounding from a fresh five-month low 94.61.

ScalperiorFX CCI

ScalperiorFX CCI


ScalperiorFX CCI uses a built-in indicator Commodity Channel Index (CCI). It is a reliable trend advisor, which analyzes the relationship between the CCI, MACD and three simple moving averages (10-day short EMA; 100-day medium-EMA; 200-day long-EMA). Advisor supplemented detection system candlestick patterns to filter the strength of the trend.

Note that the transaction closed on stop loss and take profit, defined by the user. Opening takes place at the close of the current candle.

  • Name - ScalperiorFX CCI

  • Category - trend, anti-martingale

  • Price - $ 150

  • Couples - all currency pairs


  • Timeframe - H1

  • Possibility to use with ECN - yes

  • Compatible with NFA - yes

  • Performance - automatically

  • Quiet mode - yes

  • Support 4/5 marks - yes

  • MM - yes

  • Trailing Stop - yes

  • Transfer to breakeven - yes

purchase logic:

When it is detected bovine candle, CCI > -100, MACD > 0, 10-day EMA (fast) intersects or lies above the 100-day EMA (middle), and 200-day EMA.

sales of logic:

When it is detected bear candle, CCI > 100, MACD < 0, 10-day EMA (fast) intersects or lies below the 100-day EMA (middle), and 200-day EMA.


  • MagicStart - auto magic number generates a unique identifier, which allows the counselor to work only with their transactions.

  • Lots - the number of lots to trade.

  • Slippage - maximum allowed slip (pip).

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss level is referred to as the distance in pips from the opening price.

  • TakeProfit - take profit level is referred to as the distance in pips from the opening price.

  • RiskPercent - initial volume will be calculated as a percentage of risk in the balance sheet.

  • LotsMultiplier - factor for the initial volume.

  • MaximumLots - the maximum volume in lots.

  • MoneyManagement - when set to True Advisor will use advanced capital management system with anti-martingeylovoy strategies. If the value is False fixed lot to be used.

  • TrailingStart - Trailing Stop will start working as soon as the profit exceeds the specified value (in pips).

  • TrailingStop - move the stop loss at the specified distance (current price - TrailingStop).

  • TrailingStep - step move the stop loss to a new level.

  • BreakEvenStart - transfer into the black start working as soon gain exceeds the specified value (pip).

  • BreakEvenStop - move the stop loss at the specified distance (current price - BreakEvenStop).

ScalperiorFX CCI