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Advanced Fibo Oscillator

Advanced Fibo Oscillator

Trend oscillator on the basis of the price channel a predetermined period with switchable display Fibo levels for the current band. The oscillator does not change the evidence after the close of the current bar.


  • Period - period calculation

  • Level - level color hue shift (direction)

  • Fibo lines show - inclusion levels display Fibo

  • Fibo lines style - levels of style

  • Fibo lines color - levels of color

  • Info labels shift - text offset values ​​Fibo levels

  • Labels size - text size

  • Labels font name - font name

  • Labels color - text color

Advanced Fibo Oscillator

Daughter Alrosa will receive 50.5% of the project Luashe in Angola, the parent company may acquire an additional 8%

Daughter Alrosa will receive 50.5% of the project Luashe in Angola, the parent company may acquire an additional 8%

The joint venture "ALROSA" and the Angolan state company Endiama - mining company (IAG) "Catoca" - will receive a stake of 50.5% in the new project "Luashe". It is reported by TASS correspondent from the signing ceremony of constituent documents on establishment of "Luashe" an international enterprise.

In the near future, "Alrosa" is also on the supervisory board will make the company's offer to acquire an additional 8% of the project Luashe directly, as well as plans to increase the share of "Catoca". Now the share of "Alrosa" in "Catoca" is 32.8%.

Resources situated at the concession portion Luashe kimberlite pipe Luele estimated at 465 million carats (450 million tons diamondiferous ore).

"Tube" Luele "is the largest found in the world over the past 60 years, since the discovery of deposits in Yakutia. "Alrosa", as an investor profile "Luashe" project, which has the appropriate professional competence to assume the obligations of design solutions and technical policy of the new society. The total commodity value of the deposit is estimated at more than 35 billion dollars ", - he told reporters the president of" Alrosa "Sergei Ivanov.

According to the president, Antonio Carlos sumbul Endiama, until recently, it remained unresolved question of financing Luashe. "But the signing of the agreement and the inclusion of" ice rink "as one of shareholders Luashe, as well as the involvement of VTB Bank will provide funding for cooperation with both domestic and with the international market, including the London center of investments", - he said.

"In recent years," Alrosa "with the support of the Russian government was in talks with the leadership of Angola and investors. As a result, agreements have been received on the signing of the mining investment agreement on conducting exploration and field appraisal, as well as the signing of the contract between the founders of the Society for the exploration and development of reserves "Luele" - said present at the signing ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev.

Deputy Prime Minister stressed that in the field of diamond production cooperation, and, in particular, between the "Alrosa" and Endiama is an important part of Russia and Angola Economic Cooperation. He also noted that the development of new projects, active exploration and the search for new deposits positively affects the development of the Angolan economy and the partnership between the two countries.

Trend state Geometrical Mean

Trend state Geometrical Mean

Description of the indicator:

Indicator draws a colored geometric weighted moving average price in the chart window. In addition, this indicator can be used to render the color of other indicators, in which this feature is not enabled by default. Trend state Geometrical Mean can be painted using a different indicator values, but in this case all the values ​​of the indicator must be greater than zero.

Description of the parameters:

  • Averaging period - averaging period indicator.

  • First weight - weight of the first (earliest) values ​​averaging period.

  • Weight incrementation - increment of weight averaged values.

  • Vertical shift - vertical shift indicator in points.

  • Horizontal shift - horizontal shift indicator in bars.

Parameter Averaging period must be greater than zero. Furthermore, the following relationship must hold between the values ​​of the parameters:

! (FW * 2) = (WI * (1 - AP))


  • FW - value First weight.

  • WI - value Weight incrementation.

  • AP - value Averaging period.

  • "! =" - the ratio "does not equal".

On the settings Vertical shift Horizontal shift and no restrictions are imposed.

Examples of settings:

  • In order to render the classical moving average geometric First weight parameter set equal to unity, and Weight incrementation zero.

  • Color rendering values ​​of another indicator, follow these steps:

    1. Select the indicator you want to display in color. For example, take Adaptive Moving Average indicator from a standard set of terminals. This indicator is currently not possible multicolored display values ​​(screenshot 6).

    2. After assigning the parameters of the indicator, select a color rendering None (screenshot 7), and then click OK.

    3. Run Trend state Geometrical Mean indicator, set the Averaging period and First weight equal to one and setting Weight incrementation zero (screenshot 8). Settings Vertical shift Horizontal shift and can install on your own.

    4. After that, go to the Parameters tab of the indicator settings window and in the "Apply to", select Previous Indicator's Data (screenshot 9).

    5. On the "Colors" set the desired style and color rendering. The first color - for increasing values ​​of the second - for decreasing (screenshot 10).

    6. Click on OK, a the result you get that were drawn in different colors of the indicator (screenshot 11) you have selected!

Trend state Geometrical Mean

TMA with VininTMA Histo MTF MT4

TMA with VininTMA Histo MTF MT4

Indicator TMA with VininTMA Histo MTF MT4 - an oscillator, which is based on the difference between the lines and TMA VininTMA. It is well allocates reversals and setbacks prices.

Empty areas where no value indicator - warning that the expected reversal or retracement.

A little ahead of the event, this indicator gives a little time to assess the situation on the chosen currency pair and decide.

It can be set for a longer time frame working for less. It is very convenient.

I hope you'll like them.

Item display

  • TMA_TF - Time frame TMA

  • TMA_Period - period TMA

  • TMA_Price - Price calculation TMA

  • TMA_Method - The method for calculating the TMA

  • TMA_ATRMultiplier - A multiplier for calculating the TMA

  • TMA_ATRPeriod - Period indicator ATR

  • VininTMA_TF - Time frame VininTMA

  • VininTMA_Period - period VininTMA

  • VininTMA_Price - Price calculation VininTMA

  • VininTMA_Method - The method of calculating VininTMA

  • VininTMA_ATRMultiplier - A multiplier for calculating VininTMA

  • VininTMA_ATRPeriod - Period indicator ATR

  • Interpolate - Smooth out the lines of the indicator or not

  • Crossbar - The number of signal bars

  • HistoryBars - How many bars in the history of drawing indicator, 0 - the whole story

TMA with VininTMA Histo MTF MT4

US crude inventories fell more than expected for the week

US crude inventories fell more than expected for the week

Commercial US crude stocks last week fell by 4.432 million barrels to 516.34 million barrels, according to the country's Ministry of Energy report.

Experts interviewed by Bloomberg, expected reduction of oil reserves by only 2 million barrels, according to "Finmarket".

At the same time gasoline inventories decreased by 787 thousand. Barrels and totaled 239.882 million barrels. Commercial distillate stocks fell by 485 thousand. Barrels to 146.339 million barrels.

Analysts had forecast a decline in gasoline stocks at 1.075 million barrels and distillate stocks - by 493 thousand barrels..

As the "Interfax", oil prices show slight rise in the course of trading on Wednesday night against the backdrop of highly volatile trading after the publication of data on decline in US oil inventories at the end of the seventh week in a row.

So, as of 18:00 MSK cost of July futures for Brent crude on London's ICE Futures exchange rose by 0.28% to $ 54.30 per barrel. July futures for WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose by this time by 0.19% to $ 51.57 per barrel.

Shares of Sistema grow by almost 10% on a possible settlement of the claim of Rosneft

Shares of Sistema grow by almost 10% on a possible settlement of the claim of Rosneft

Shares of AFK "System" on the Moscow stock exchange trading increased by 9.2%, to 13.6 rubles. per share, against the background of a possible settlement of the claim of "Rosneft" to 170.6 billion rubles. This is evidenced by trading data.

Earlier SPIEF fields, the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin did not rule out the possibility of an amicable settlement of the claim to the AFC "System" at 170.6 billion rubles. "It is possible, everything is possible", - he said, answering a question Tass possibility of an amicable settlement.

Maximum increase of shares amounted to 9.9%, or 13.68 rubles. per share. As of 11:43 MSK stock quotes ROS increased by 8.6%.

"Rosneft" has filed a lawsuit to the AFC "System" and "System-Invest" for the recovery of 106.6 billion rubles. losses caused as a result of reorganization of "Bashneft", then the amount in dispute was raised to 170.6 billion rubles. due to the weakening of the ruble.



advisor's strategy is based on the breakdown of current support and resistance levels (these data point out traders from around the world, they are based solely on technical indicators of the terminal). This is one of the few robots that works exclusively on indicators. To create a system - can be a challenge, but you do not need to understand all of these difficulties, it is sufficient to run the robot on a graph. The rest of the work of the adviser will do for you.

General characteristics of the advisor

  • The adviser works solely on the current levels of support and resistance and never they are not retreating. Work such adviser easily analyze and predict.

  • Always use protective stops.

  • The robot can be used with the default settings without optimization, it is completely ready for operation.

  • Initially, the robot does not optimized, so that no adjustment under the story.


  • Period_Candles - period of the advisor

  • MM - automatic control of capital

  • Lot - lot size, if the automatic control of the capital off

  • RiskPercent - the risk for auto money management

  • Distans - offset from the support and resistance levels for pending orders

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit (in points)

  • ModifyTP - If enabled, the take profit will move away from price and the stop loss order will be tightened. This allows you to increase profits safe, but not recommended for use with strong divergence

  • StopLoss - distance to the protective stops (calculated in points)

  • Slippage - the maximum deviation from the asking price

  • Spread - the maximum spread

  • TrailingStop - inclusion of Thrall

  • TrailStart - distance from the order in which the switched Thrall stops

  • StepTrall - Thrall step

  • StopLevel - Transfer to breakeven

  • NoLoss - distance from the order in which the protective stop is transferred into the black (if the parameter StopLevel = true)

  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum income when translating orders into the black

  • UseTime - time trade (using server time)

  • BeginTime - trade start

  • EndTime - trade completion

  • Magic - expert (ID) stamp

Then there are additional settings indicators that you can turn to the work both individually and together. By default, these indicators are not used in the work.

  • UseBands - inclusion indicator Bollinger Bands

  • BandsPeriod - period

  • BandsDeviation - deviation

  • BandsShift - shift

  • BandsPrice - in relation to what price build indicator (closing, opening, the average price and so forth.)

  • UseStochastic - Stochastic indicator switch

  • StochK - period% K

  • StochD - period% D

  • StochSlowing - slowdown

  • StochMethod - method

  • StochPrice - in relation to what price build indicator (closing, opening, the average price and so forth.)


  • Instant order execution - ECN

  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS

  • Currency pair - EURUSD (With any prefixes, such as - EURUSD.f and so on)

  • Chart period - H1

Note: strictly comply with the requirements for the currency pair and chart period.